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Service Learning Excellence

The Service Learning Excellence Program is designed to promote and strengthen a campus-wide commitment to service learning. Our program provides organized educational experiences that meet community needs for an enhanced learning experience.

The Service-Learning Excellence (SLE) Program is run by the most talented TXST students, we are all part-time employees. As such, we may not be in the office at all times during the day. Please contact us via email, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


We had a successful FY 21, despite many courses being instructed online.

67 Service-Learning classes | 1,944 students | 113,890 hours 

Together we contributed value worth $2,900,771 to our community.

We want to thank all our faculty members and students who made this possible. It would not be possible without your cooperation. 


Our MISSION is to enrich the collegiate learning experience by encouraging civic engagement. We assist faculty and students find opportunities to serve that enhance academic understanding while also strengthening the San Marcos community and beyond. Mission and Values


Our Growth

The Service-Learning Excellence Program was founded in 2001 to promote and strengthen a campus-wide commitment to Service-Learning. We had seen a huge growth in the University with over 2000 students per year and impacting the local community Read More....

What Texas State Students are saying about engaging in a Service-Learning class:

"Being able to use concepts from class and work with a local business is an amazing experience.  It also helps in understanding a little of San Marcos's history." -CC

"Those four words, 'You had inspired me.' made all the stress and all the hard work I have been putting in worth it. That I could be someone that kids looked up to, and wanted to be like"- AC

"One patient's life was saved because of the referral our team of physicians, nurses, respiratory care, and clinical lab provided in the clinic. He had heart surgery within 3 days of our clinic. He had never been seen by a physician and would have died without our intervention." - BT

"It was cool to get actually DO what we're going to be doing in the field. I enjoyed working with my group on hands-on tasks that will actually help me in the real world. I was also really surprised that we're able to pull it off without any previous experience!"- DB

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