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SLE Accomplishments

   FY 15   FY 16   FY 17   FY 18   FY 19   Since FY 15 
  % change % change % change % change  
Number of Faculty Fellows 4 13 40 57 61 86
225% 208% 43% 7% 2050%
Number of Courses 4 14 21 71 83 110
250% 50% 238% 17% 2650%
New Courses   13 23 27 15  
Number of Course Sections 4 27 92 116 131 131
  575% 241% 26% 13% 3175%
Number of Students 152 506 1486 1896 1990 1990
233% 194% 28% 5% 1209%
Number of SL hours 2402 8624 28233 34438 42722 114017
259% 227% 22% 24% 4647%
Benefit to Community     $  212,668  $  708,931  $  848,552  $  1,072,322  $  2,842,473
  Texas Average   $24.66 $25.11 $24.64 $25.10 $25.10
National Average   $23.56 $24.14 $24.69 $25.43  




Major Initiatives FY 2016


Changed Service-Learning Polices to Mini-Grants

Through a campus-wide faculty service-learning survey, attending the national Campus Compact Conference, and a review of other SL programs, the service-learning designation was changed from a 2-4 course stipend model based on a 13-page RFP. A survey of faculty indicated that mini-grants were the top choice by faculty. This is also in line with other top-tiered SL programs.

Certificate of Completion

To increase the value of being in a service-learning course, the SLE Program provides faculty an SLE Program Certificate of Completion for all faculty, students, and community members, where appropriate.

Fellow Service-Learning Excellence Medallions

Faculty that incorporate service-learning into their classes are bringing innovation into their classes, engaging students’ learners, and making an impact in their communities. This requires additional course planning, implementation, and evaluation. To recognize the service-learning faculty (Fellows) for their efforts, each Fellow is provided with a Service-Learning Excellence Medallion to wear at graduation.

Change Name to Service-Learning Excellence Program

The name of the program was changed from Service-Learning Initiative to Service-Learning Excellence to reflect the current status of the program.


Director: 1-course release summer semester

2-GA’s: 9-month contract (20-hours per week)

Work Study: 0


Major Initiatives FY 2017


Service-Learning Sectional Designation (SLSD)

Fall semester of 2016, the Registrar’s Office added three attributes for SL Classes: Service Learning Perspective, Service Learning Content, and Service Learning Section. Only the “Section” designation has been implemented at this time. Courses that had been identified as SL back in Fall 2015 had the SLSD attribute added to the course. Starting the spring semester of 2017 departments could add the attribute to the section when entering the course in the CLSS system.

SL Graduation Cords

Starting the 2016 fall semester, the SLE Program began to offer SL graduates a cord to wear at graduation. Students were surveyed to determine which color they preferred resulting in red/gold intertwined cords. The SLE Program sells these cords for $7 each. The sales of graduation cords are increasing awareness among students regarding SL classes.

Bobcat Days

We had a presence at Bobcat Days fall/spring semester. We provide information about our current SL classes and projects. We are reconsidering participating in Bobcat Days until students are able to search on Catsweb for the SLSD attribute.

Advisory Board

Spring semester of 2017, we held our first SLE Advisory Board meeting. Members consist of community partners, faculty, staff, and students. Ms. Jenna Parro (Advisory Board President) and Mr. Josef Hobdy developed and organized the Advisory Board. Both have been Program Directors for SLE in the past. The Advisory Board has been instrumental in advising the strategic plan for the SLE Program.

Expanding to Round Rock

In the spring semester, we added Nursing to our SL Fellow team. They had several SL Health Fairs near the end of the semester. I attended 3 of these events, and it was very rewarding to hear firsthand about the nursing students' experience participating in SL projects.

Monthly Newsletter

During each long semester, the SLE Program sends out a monthly newsletter with updates on the program, highlighting an SL Fellow, reminders of SL metrics, and other pertinent information.

Campus Reach

For Service-Learning directors, one of the major challenges each semester is to capture SL Fellow metrics. A Texas State entrepreneurial student, Joshua Escobedo, developed the business Campus Reach. He has done national market validation of a need for a web-based program that will serve as a tool to capture SL metrics as well as a portal for students to conduct reflective assignments, share progress updates, and if appropriate, for community partners to get updates. A beta version was used in an SL class this spring semester. It will be available for SL classes starting the fall 2017 semester. Several workshops will be held during the summer and the beginning of the fall semester to introduce Campus Reach to faculty Fellows. It will also start a national campaign during the 2017 fall semester.

Monthly Presentation

Fall semester we implemented monthly presentations highlighting SL Fellows along with students and community partners (where appropriate). These presentations allowed faculty, students, and staff to see the wide array of SL projects across campus. SL projects can be for extra credit for a few students to full class participation in a semester-long project. Next year, instead of presenting our own programs, we will be partnering with Dr. Catherine Hawkins, Director of Faculty Development. We are planning on highlighting the research opportunities from SL courses.

Kresge Foundation Grant Submitted

Grant submitted July, 2017 for $350,000. 13-Co-PI’s Not funded.


Director: 1-course release for summer semester

2-GA’s: 9-month contract (20-hours per week)

Work Study: 0


Major Initiatives FY 2018


Student Service- Learning Video Award

There was a student competition in which students were asked to complete a 90-second video highlighting what SL means to them and their experience. The winning video, by team Cultivate, was a social entrepreneurial project. The video is meant to be used as marketing material. 

Faculty Service-Learning Research Award

The first Faculty Service-Learning Research award will be presented to Dr. Tina Cade, Agriculture. She will receive a $500 award and a plaque during the fall faculty meeting in Applied Arts.

Community Partnership with Speed Networking

Event to encourage community engagement in courses and research with The Office of Research Sponsored Projects and Yvonne Natoli McCoy Research Coordinator.

National Campus Compact

SL Director and GA’s attended the conference in Spring 2018. The conference was held in Indianapolis, IN with breakout sessions from various University SL programs. We plan to implement strategies learned at the conference to collect data from previous/current students on SL effects on graduation and employment rates. We plan to hold monthly SL trainings for Fellows on select topics.

Regional Houston Hi Impact Community Engagement Conference

Shannon Alvis and Stephanie Rodriguez (GA’s) attended the conference in Spring 2018. Gained information on students’ perspectives on SL courses. Plan to implement cross- SL courses, allowing multiple classes to work together for the same Community Partners.

Service-Learning Fellow Video Interview, Promotional Video for Website

We Videotaped 8 SL fellows on their experiences and thoughts on SL. Editing is in process. The video will be used on the website and as promotional material.

Community Partner, Student, and Fellow Recognition and Celebration

On April 29th, SL held its first annual celebration to honor SL students, fellows, and community partners. The event allowed fellows and community partners to meet and identify needs in the community that met course objectives. SL poster presentations were displayed, and student video winners were announced.

USDA Service-Learning Food and Agriculture Grant Partner

Submitted, but was not funded a USDA SL Food and Agriculture grant to expand service-learning activities within the San Marcos Community. Co-PI, Dr. Tina Cade.

Women Entreperneurship Week

We organized 2-events over 1-day of Women Entrepreneurship Week. We had over 350 individuals pre-register for the 5-events. WEW is a nationally recognized event.


Director: 2-course release each semester

2-GA’s: 9-month contract (20-hours per week)

1-GA: 12-month contract (20-hours per week)

Work Study: 2 – Summer Semester, 10-12 hours per week


Major Initiatives FY 2019

Continuation of Previous Years' Initiatives

NSF I-Corps Site For Entreperneurship 

Received a National Science Foundation I-Corps Site grant, $85,000 per year, for 3-years. The experiential program is being housed under the SLE Program. Each year 5-cohorts of 3 weeks each are conducted to track research from the laboratory to determine market viability. This also included the establishment of theTexas State Entrepreneurial Network.

USDA Service-Learning Food and Agriculture Grant

Submitted, but was not funded a USDA SL Food and Agriculture grant to expand service-learning activities within the San Marcos Community. Co-PI, Dr. Ken Mix.

SLE Program Research

Submitted 3-papers for the upcoming national Campus Compact conference. 2-manuscripts were accepted (one with Dr. Jangmin Kim, one with Ms. Hannah Park (University of Kansas)). Submitted and was accepted, manuscript for the Small Business Institute Conference (co-authors Dr. Jennifer Irvin and Mr. Bill Thompson)

Texas Workforce Commission Grant

Submitted and accepted a Women Entrepreneurship Bootcamp grant, $50,000. Co-PI Mr. Jeff Zhao. Decided to conduct 3-boot camps during the 1-year grant period targeting underserved women in Texas.

Women Entrepreneurship Week

We organized 5-events over 4-days of Women Entrepreneurship Week. We had over 350 individuals pre-register for the 5-events. WEW is a nationally recognized event.


Director: 2-course release each semester

1-GA: 9-month contract (20-hours per week)

2-GA’s: 12-month contract (20-hours per week)

Work Study: 5 – Spring Semester; 1 – Summer Semester; 10-12 hours per week