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SL Student Video

Service-Learning Student Video 

Students that are currently/have previously taken a Service-Learning course at Texas State University will make a video regarding the Service-Learning course.

Student-made videos must complete the following requirements:

  • Must include the name of Service-Learning class
  • Date that the Service-Learning class was taken
  • Professor name that the Service-Learning class was taken with
  • Description of Service-Learning activity completed in class
  • Reflection of Service-Learning course impact on student(s)
  • Observed community impact that the Service-Learning class/activity had
  • No more than 3-5 minutes
  • Use stock images, video clips, and music (TXST stock images/videos can be found here:


Feel free to be as creative as possible (it is actually encouraged)!


Campus Resources

Feel free to follow a few steps that our team has drafted to make it easy for y’all! 


Step 1:       Create a video flowchart/storyboard


Step 2:       Look into video platforms that can be utilized to create your Service-Learning video!


  • You receive FREE access to Adobe video editing software through the university! 
  • You can access video editing services through your PC or MacBook that are pre-installed
  • Try googling free video editing software (Ex:
    • Remember to exercise caution when it comes to downloading content from the Internet and do so safely


Step 3:       Record each segment of your video individually so any mistakes can be edited out. The following methods can be used to easily record your video segments:


                   Method One: Make a reservation at YouStar Studio at Alkek Library.  Green screen and speaker notes stand available.


                   Method Two: Record a video on Zoom


                   Method Three: Photo Booth on Mac.


                   Method Four: Camera App for Windows.


Step 4:       Use your video editing software to edit out any mistakes, add titles/music/captions/text, or anything else you would like to add


Step 5:       Submit your video and it will be reviewed by our team (who will follow the attached rubric).

Video submissions can be done by emailing the YouTube link of student-made video to

The current deadline is July 15th, 2022